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U N I V E R S I T Y   o f   L O U I S I A N A  |  N O V .  2 0  &  21  
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Auditions will be held Monday, November 20 and Tuesday November 21, 2023 at Burke Theatre on the campus of the University of Louisiana, 231 Hebrard Blvd, Lafayette, LA 70503 | 6:00p - 10:00p | Callbacks have been moved to the evening of Tuesday, November 27th, 2023.

To secure an audition slot, complete the form at the bottom of this page. For questions, email

Auditions are open to all: Performing Arts BFA students at the University of Louisiana, staff and students at UL, as well as community talents who wish to be considered. All roles are available with the exception of PROSPERO.


| PROSPERO | lives on the island

Prospero once ruled Milan. Now marooned on an magical island, he has become a powerful sorcerer. Prospero's brother Antonio plotted a coup against him, casting him out to sea in a small boat with his young daughter Miranda. The island where the pair landed is uninhabitated except for elemental spirits and a strange monster named Caliban, who serves Prospero as a unwilling servant. (40+)

| MIRANDA | lives on the island

Daughter of the Prospero. She was cast out to sea at three-years-old and knows nothing about the world except what Prospero has taught her, but she longs to experience life beyond the island. Prospero hopes she and Ferdinand will be attracted to each other. When they immediately fall in love, the magician pretends to disapprove. (18-25)

| ARIEL | lives on the island

This changeable and flighty spirit serves Prospero, who rescued them from a magical imprisonment. Prospero promises Ariel that if they do everything asked of them, the magician will set them free from the island. The role is non gender-specific and requires comfort with movement; dance training is a plus, playing an instrument is also desirable. Those auditioning for Ariel will be asked to sing a capella. (ageless)

| CALIBAN | lives on the island

Prospero’s captive, he is half-man half-monster, and rightful heir to the island. Manipulative and brutish, he is willing to say, do, or be anything to get what he wants. This role is physically demanding and requires comfort with movement. (20-40)

| FERDINAND | shipwrecked noble

The Prince of Naples and the only son of Alonso. When the ship seems to be breaking up in the storm, he swims ashore and believes his father drowned. He falls in love with Miranda at first sight, but Prospero thinks they have fallen in love too easily. (18-25)

| ALONSO | shipwrecked noble

The proud and cunning King of Naples, he plotted with Antonio to get rid of Prospero in a political coup. His fleet was returning home when they are caught in a huge storm and his ship is sunk. Travelling with him are his son, his brother, and other nobles. They all wash ashore on the island after the storm. Alonso thinks Ferdinand has drowned and he is in mourning. (30-60)

| SEBASTIAN | shipwrecked noble

Alonso's younger brother who was also in on the plot against Prospero that took place decades ago. Once on the island, Antonio convinces him to kill his own brother and steal the throne of Naples. He is arrogant and quick with insults. (20-40)

| GONZALO | shipwrecked noble

Gonzalo is chief advisor to Alonso, the King of Naples. A political philosopher and optimist, he tries to keep Alonso's spirits up as they search the island for Ferdinand. He is the butt of Sebastian and Antonio's jokes, but Prospero remembers him for his kindness in making sure that supplies, clothing, and books were put aboard the boat when Prospero and Miranda were cast out to sea. (30-60)

| ANTONIO | shipwrecked noble

Antonio is Prospero's younger brother. Prospero trusted him to help rule Milan, but Antonio secretly plotted with Alonso, the King of Naples, to overthrow Prospero. Once on the island, Antonio convinces Sebastian to similiarly overthrow his brother and steal the throne of Naples. He is ambitious, sly, charming and arrogant. (20-40)



| TRINCULO | shipwrecked fool

Trinculo is the witty servant of Alonso, the King of Naples. Washed up alone on the island after the shipwreck, he meets Caliban when looking for shelter. He is spineless but smarter than his buddy Stephano.

| STEPHANO | shipwrecked fool

Stephano is buffoonish butler of Alonso, the King of Naples. He was washed up on the island alone and wanders around drunk until he meets up with his friend Trinculo, who is hiding with Caliban. Stephano shares his wine with them and Caliban thinks he is a god. Stephano is persuaded by Caliban to kill Prospero and rule the island, but Ariel thwarts their plans. He is bolder and drunker than his buddy Trinculo.

| BOATSWAIN, ADRIAN, and FRANCISCO | supporting roles

Appearing only in the first and last scenes, the Boatswain is vigorously good-natured. He seems competent and almost cheerful in the shipwreck scene, demanding practical help rather than weeping and praying. And he seems surprised but not stunned when he awakens from a long sleep at the end of the play. Adrien and Francisco are noblemen and companions of Alonso who are shipwrecked with the rest. Adrian tries his best to console Alonso when Alonso believes that his son is dead.


The master tries to hearten the sailors, and get them to sail the boat through the storm; but, one of Ariel's spells makes them lose heart
and abandon ship. They are whisked safely away, and will take the party back to Italy at the play's end. The Nymphs and Reapers are spirits and Illusions conjured by Prospero.



•  Based on the roles you are most interested in, memorize and prepare for presentation TWO OF THE PROVIDED MONOLOGUES from the play:



•  If you play an instrument, please bring it along and give us a few bars

•  Sides for callbacks will be provided at auditions

** BFA Acting Track candidates who have not yet passed the Firstyear Gate Auditions **

               • in addition to the Shakespeare pieces, prepare two 1-minute, contrasting contemporary pieces

   • you must select an appointment slot in the first 90 minutes of November 20th, not the 21st  


Rehearsals will take place weekday evenings from 6:00-10:00p, Tuesday through Friday, as well as some Saturdays and Sundays in January and February.

Daily calls will be provided on a weekly basis. A complete rehearsal calendar, accounting for all conflicts provided in advance, will be supplied at first read. 


FIRST READ: Fri. January 12, 2024.

TECH DATES: evening of Fri. February 24, Sat. February 25, and Sun. February 26, 2024

PERFORMANCE DATES: Opening, Thurs. February 29 | Run Thurs-Sun., March 1 - March 10


Said to be Shakespeare’s last play, the comedy centers around a major act of betrayal, the workings of sorcery, family dynamics, a plot of revenge, and the power of forgiveness.

Twelve years ago, Prospero ruled the City-State of Milan. A bookworm and seeker of knowledge, Prospero withdrew more and more into study, leaving the management of the city to Antonio, his brother. Eventually, with the help of Alonso, the King of Naples, Antonio overthrows Prospero, seizing the rule of Milan for himself. Prospero was put to sea in a rotten boat along with a baby daughter, Miranda, and the pair are eventually marooned on a distant island that was once ruled by a witch. But now, the isle is inhabited only by her son, the monster Caliban, and Ariel, an elemental spirit. And for twelve years, Prospero has ruled the island and its two inhabitants by the use of magic arts. The child Miranda grows up knowing no humans besides her parent.

In the present, Prospero divines that fortune has brought the betrayers to his island! Using magic, Prospero raises a storm that shipwrecks the King of Naples, along with members of his court and the traitorous Antonio, on the island. The survivors all wash ashore separately. At Prospero's bidding, Ariel directs their wanderings, leading Ferdinand, the King's son, straight to Prospero, where he and Miranda fall instantly in love. Prospero sets heavy tasks to test Ferdinand's worthiness for Miranda. Meanwhile, the King of Naples searches for his son, fearing him to be drowned. Sebastian, the king's brother, plots to kill him and seize the crown for himself. And the drunken butler, Stephano, and cowardly fool, Trinculo, encounter Caliban and are persuaded by him to kill Prospero so that they can rule the magical island.

​But none of the treacherous plots go quite as planned...

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